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Control your hashrate more efficiently. And privately. is a hashrate proxy service that empowers you to deploy your private stratum server within seconds anywhere in the world.

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Exceptional performance

Instantly improve shares delivery and acceptance rate

More accepted shares = More profits

Superior latency

One of the major reasons for stale shares and consequentially fewer profits is bad latency between your farm and the pool you are mining on. You are either far away from the pool or you are just unfortunate to be on a bad internet connection.

With just a few clicks, you can seamlessly deploy a private server and take full advantage of direct connection to the internet backbone. That ensures a super-fast internet connection, lowest possible latency, and increases the likelihood of accepted shares for your whole mining farm.

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More privacy = More security

Absolute privacy

Got curious unwanted visitors at your farm, unusual network activity, or unauthorized attempt of withdrawals from your pool? Right at this moment, millions of dollars of stolen assets are somewhere else than where they should be; just because bad actors uncovered the exact location of a mining farm. will mask your identity and true location as all your machines will appear to have the IP address of one of our nodes.

Rerouting your hashrate through will ensure absolute privacy on both sides of the route. On one side, mining systems won't have a clue where your hashrate is going and on the other side, the pool(s) won't get a single hint who owns the hashrate and where it is coming from.

What else? You will have access to more pools as you will bypass geo-restrictions and other kinds of blockers.

More mining time = More profits

First-class profit switch

External profit switching software that currently exists on the market will restart your mining software or even reboot the hardware to apply changes. Some ASICs are usually so slow that you can lose from five to fifteen minutes per switch so in the end you waste on average 4 hours of mining time per day if your machines switch every hour.

With using that utilizes internal mining calculator and profit switch, your stratum will switch only on the server-side and will leave your machines to do their job in peace. With this approach you will have zero machine downtime regardless of which mining management software or pool you use.

What else? supports 80+ coins and multi-pools.

More uptime = More profits

Maximum coverage

It happens that your favorite pool is down for maintenance or randomly crashes. That's just another possible point of failure that can cost you money. More frequently it happens on new pools or pools that run unstable codebase or decide to run code of the untested coin.

With you can set 2 backup pools to which the hashrate will be forwarded in case your main pool doesn't respond properly. Similarly, if the pool for the most profitable coin in profit switch is down, the system will redirect hashrate to the second most profitable coin.

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More users = Better management

Users management

Organize your team and customers and share the access with them. With different access privileges each user will see only what you set for them.

  • Limited view User won't be able to see the stratum's address, pool, user value, and password.
  • Full view User will be able to see everything, but won't be able to change values.
  • Full access User will be able to see everything and also be able to update values and change stratums' settings.
More customization = Better branding

Custom dashboard

Customize your dashboard to fully reflect your business and branding. The dashboard settings will be applied to all users that you have created.

  • Color mode Switch between light and dark mode for header, body, and footer.
  • Logo Upload your own logo that will be shown on the dashboard and on special login page.
  • Colors Select primary colors that will be used on buttons and charts.
  • Menu Set up custom links that you want to use in the header and footer of your dashboard.
  • Customization Set up the title of your dashboard and special login URL.
More hashrate = Better deals

VIP deals & services

If you are running a large operation, you will receive a fully customized premium experience tailored to your needs - to bring the most out of your mining operation.

  • Lower service fees
  • Dedicated 1-on-1 technical support
  • Dedicated premium locations, IPs, and ports
  • Customized stratum addresses
  • Customized user-agents
  • Longer historical data


We currently support five algorithms, but are always looking out for new opportunities for you.



You can deploy your Stratum on one of the 20 different locations.

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On request:

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Novosibirsk, Russia
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