About Stratu.ms

Stratu.ms is a hashrate proxy service that allows you to control your hashrate more privately and efficiently. Stratu.ms was developed and brought to you by the minerstat team and it can be used with direct mining or with any of the popular mining management and monitoring systems.

The purpose of Stratu.ms is to create a gateway between pool and mining farm, which can assure different benefits:

  • Latency improvements;
  • Anonymity and privacy;
  • Faster pool switching without machine downtimes;
  • Backup pools;
  • Profit switch within the same algorithm.

How does it work?

As a confirmed registered user, you can deploy a new stratum server, which is defined with a unique name, stratum location, and algorithm. Depending on the stratum type, you can define different parameters that define on which pool the hashrate will be redirected and which user value, worker name, and password should be used on the pool. When stratum is deployed, you receive a unique Stratu.ms address to which you connect your machines, and all hashing power that comes to that unique Stratu.ms address will be redirected to the pool you choose.

All data for stratum can be edited from the Stratu.ms dashboard, except for name, stratum location, and algorithm. Once the stratum is edited, you won't lose your unique address and port, so you can make as many changes you like and your rigs or ASICs will continue to mine to the new settings without any delays or downtimes.

You can deploy up to 3 stratums. For more, you will have to apply for VIP status.

Getting started