How to set up on Bminer?

You can use with various AMD and Nvidia GPUs. First, you will need to create a new stratum on your dashboard. You can find the instructions for each stratum type on the following links:

Once your stratum is deployed, you will receive a unique stratum address with port, which you can use with Bminer.


Bminer allows you to mine the Ethash mining algorithm. The simple configuration that you can use is defined in the following examples.

Config example #1

Defining worker name in user parameter.

-uri ethash://

Config example #2

Defining worker name as a part of user parameter.

-uri ethash://

Make sure to use the correct protocol and order of parameters protocol://worker:password@pool or protocol://user.worker:password@pool for the config to work. You can freely use other Bminer parameters as well.

Setup guides