How to set up on StrongU ASICs?

You can use various StrongU ASIC models with as we support all algorithms that can be mined with these machines. Regardless of the ASIC model, each StrongU can be configured similarly.

First, you will need to create a new stratum on your dashboard. You can find the instructions for each stratum type on the following links:

Once your stratum is deployed, you will receive a unique stratum address with port, which you copy and paste to your StrongU's dashboard.

You can find StrongU's dashboard by opening your ASIC's local IP in the browser. For example, if your ASIC's local IP is, then open the following link in your browser: and login with your username and password. Click on [Miner Configuration] where you can set your pools and backup pools.

Under Pool 1 in the URL field enter the newly generated address.

Under Worker you can enter two different options:

  1. User.Worker where User is your username or wallet with which you identify on pool and Worker is the worker's name. Do note that in this case User parameter will be ignored as you already defined it in the dashboard, while Worker will be used as a worker's name that is sent to the pool (if you selected "from machine" on your address).
  2. Worker where Worker is your worker's name that is sent to the pool (if you selected "from machine" on your address).

For the Password field the value doesn't matter as you defined it in the already.

You can also leave Pool 2 and Pool 3 empty as will reconnect from pool to pool and in case your ASIC machine thinks that you were disconnected from the pool, it will start mining to Pool 2 or Pool 3. If Pool 2 and Pool 3 aren't addresses, you won't mine to the settings defined on on StrongU

Click [Save&Apply] and your ASIC will connect to the pool via

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