Stratum's profile

You can navigate to the stratum's profile by clicking on the stratum's name or clicking stratum details in the stratum menu. The profile will reveal different detailed data of the stratum.

Stratum's profile

Historical chart

The historical chart for the last 24 hours shows hashrate, average hashrate, accepted and rejected shares, difficulty, and a number of connected workers. The data is saved every 5 minutes.

Stratum's profile - Historical chart

List of workers

List of all workers that are currently connected to the stratum address. You can filter workers and sort them by name, hashrate, shares, and efficiency. All workers without hashrate or with low hashrate will be denoted with a special exclamation mark.

Stratum's profile - Workers

Stratum summary

The stratum summary shows you overall details about your stratum:

  • Address to which you can connect your machines;
  • Stratum type;
  • Region;
  • Number of workers;
  • Pool to which hashrate is redirected;
  • The user that is used to identify on the pool;
  • The password that is used to identify on the pool;
  • Algorithm;
  • Hashrate sum;
  • Average efficiency;
  • Difficulty.

Stratum's profile - Summary

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