API API is a private API, which will help you manage and monitor your stratums outside dashboard. We have prepared extensive documentation which will help you understand which data and functions are available in the API and how they can be used. Since we are currently busy developing and polishing services, we are updating the API documentation page slowly. New methods and endpoints can be also added on request.


In all API endpoints, you are authorized with your API token. Some endpoints may also require other parameters, such as stratum's ID.


To use the API you don't need any special account. Any registered account can use the API once you generate the API token via the API settings that are available on this page.

Response API uses the HTTPS protocol for requests. It returns the response in the JSON data format. On success, API will always return code 200 and code 201 when a new worker is created. List of error codes:

  • 500 API/System error
  • 400 Invalid parameter
  • 401 Invalid API token
  • 404 Non-existent content
  • 405 Invalid method

Currently available endpoints

These are currently available endpoints and methods.

  • GET stratums list to get basic stratums’ information, such as ID, stratum type, stratum name, address, and algorithm.
  • GET stratums details to get detailed stratums’ information, such as hashrate, shares, workers list and details, difficulty, and more.
  • GET stratum profile to get detailed stratum’s information, such as hashrate, shares, workers list and details, difficulty, and more. Stratum can be requested by ID or name. Additionally, you can filter out workers by requesting specific worker details or filter them by part of a worker's name.
  • GET stratum profile method to destroy stratum. Stratum can be destroyed by ID or name.


We are planning to add the following endpoints and methods:

  • Create new stratum
  • Edit stratum

If you have any suggestions or questions, let us know on our Discord.

Getting started