How to set up NiceHash order with

One of more popular questions regarding support is if we support mining through NiceHash orders. The answer is yes - you can place an order on NiceHash marketplace that will go through

The main reasons why miners are interested in such usage are:

  • Profit switching option with switch stratum;
  • Backup pools with mask stratum;
  • Ability to continue to run the order without cancelling it while being able to switch to another coin or pool;
  • Managing hashrate from multiple sources through one configuration.

How to start?

We will show you an example on how to set up mining on Ethash / DaggerHashimoto with mask stratum, but you can do the same for any other algorithm and stratum type that we support. If you want us to add support for some other algorithm, let us know via our request form.

What you will need:

  • Registered account on;
  • Registered account on NiceHash;
  • Some BTC balance on your NiceHash wallet that will allow you to place an order. setup

First, you will have to create a new stratum on your dashboard. You can find the instructions for each stratum type on the following links:

Once your stratum is deployed, you will receive a unique stratum address with a port that you will be able to use on NiceHash.

NiceHash setup

Navigate to My pools collection and add a new pool that will hold your information.

  1. Custom pool name: Select a name that will help you remember this is your " - Ethash" address.
  2. Algorithm: Select DaggerHashimoto (or any other algorithm if you are setting this up for a different algorithm).
  3. Stratum hostname or IP: Enter your' address without port.
  4. Port: Enter your' port.
  5. Username: Can be anything you like as you have defined your username with
  6. Password: Enter # as password as you have defined your password with

You can test the pool to see the connection between NiceHash and and click on [Add pool].

The next step is to place a new order on NiceHash marketplace that will point to your pool. Make sure to select the correct algorithm. You can select between the EU and USA marketplace - we suggest to select the one that is closer to the region you selected when creating your new stratum on dashboard.

Other order details are up to you.

All of your purchased hashrate that comes from NiceHash to will be redirected to the pool you have set on' dashboard. You can change the pool, user, and password parameters at any time you like without canceling the order. You can also add or remove coins as you like on the switch stratum and change them on the go.

Setup guides